Size guide

For our +adrenalina line, in most cases, we preferred a unisex fit for greater versatility and freedom of choice. For these products you can refer to the table with conversions for men. Some items such as race uniforms or women's race shorts have a specific size guide that you can view below.

Within the product sheets, the fit to be referred to is always indicated. The values contained in the size charts do not refer to the size of the garment but to the person.

Men's Size Chart

Woman size chart

Sock size chart 2300 Best

Sock size chart 2305 Ronny

Sock size chart 2302 Samba

Sock size chart 4608 Sand

Knee Brace 4601 - MT6

Knee Brace 4602 - MT7

Knee Brace 4603 - MT9

Knee Brace 4604 - MT10